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I'm a photographer specializing in aerial landscape and air-to-air aircraft portraiture. I live and work in Anchorage, Alaska as an air-ambulance pilot flying the Beechcraft King Air 200.

With a small airplane of my own since 2002 and a background in aviation as a fixed-wing pilot with professional experience dating to early 1988, the landscape, as seen from a place which most others have very limited access to, appeals to me—partly, admittedly, because I don't like having too much competition as a photographer. I feel ambivalent about trying to be unique amongst the tens of millions of others who every day are making photographs from a terrestrial perspective. The unobstructed aerial view is simply not readily available to the average photographer wishing to conduct high quality image-making.

The usual aerial photo-platform is my 1947 Luscombe Silvaire 8E, a two-seat light airplane with acceptable visibility from its side-windows (opened), when compared to other similar nose-mounted single-engine airplanes, and wiith excellent handling qualities. Additionally, the airplane is of a true "stick and rudder" design; that is, the pitch and roll inputs are made through a "stick" extending from the cockpit floor, rather than a control wheel or "yoke" extending horizontally from ahead of the pilot's seat. This allows me to accurately control the airplane with my knees and feet (on the rudder pedals), freeing my arms and hands for camera handling.

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